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  • 1  Actuality of High-Jet and Heavy Rainfall Caused by Interaction between the Mid-latitude Synoptic System and Typhoon
    张兴强 丁治英 王焱
    2001, 27(8):3-8. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.08.001
    [Abstract](843) [HTML](0) [PDF 488.02 K](819)
    Typhoon is the most intensive synoptic system that can result in heavy rainfall in China. The interaction between the westerly trough and synoptic system far from typhoon constantly leads to abrupt reinforcement of rainfall and severe disaster.The north part heavy rainfall is called as heavy rainfall far from typhoon. Researches show that heavy rainfall far from typhoon mostly occurred at the right side behind the south-westerly high-Jet that has distinct non-zonal features, at the same time, reinforcement of heavy rainfall is closely associated with strength of non-zonal features. Researches on heavy rainfall far from typhoon and non-zonal high level Jet streak are reviewed.
    2  On flood-causing Torrential Rainfall in the Upstream District of Changjiang River in 1998
    杨克明 毕宝贵 李月安 董立清
    2001, 27(8):9-14. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.8.002
    [Abstract](590) [HTML](0) [PDF 484.32 K](680)
    By using conventional observation data, HLAFS grid data and GMS cloud data, physical mechanism affecting weather system and rain-formation, interaction and inter impact between low and middle latitude weather system are analyzed and diagnosed. The results indicate that several strong rain procedures occur in the large-scale background of middle-high latitude in Eurasia. The low-eddy which forms in the east area of Qingzang plateau and develops in the Sichuan Basin and its shear line are the main weather systems. The rain intensification is closely related with interaction between middle and low latitude systems, specific construction of plateau eddys.
    3  The Evaluation of the Influence of Drought and Waterlogging on Zhejiang Economy
    王镇铭 朱惠群 张文坚 庄锡潮
    2001, 27(8):15-18. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.8.003
    [Abstract](878) [HTML](0) [PDF 340.86 K](715)
    The influence of drought and waterlogging disasters on the Zhejiang economy analyzed and evaluated. These disasters were caused by three kinds of weather process (plum rainstorm, tropical cyclone and drought). The present study has provided the government departments concerned with a scientific base.
    4  On Snowstorm Disaster and Its Formation Process in Inner Mongolia
    宫德吉 李彰俊
    2001, 27(8):19-23. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.8.004
    [Abstract](660) [HTML](0) [PDF 469.21 K](775)
    Firstly,the circulation evolution features of snowstorm in Inner Mongolia in last 50 years is analysed.It is pointed out that barber,heavy snow and severe detemperature do together damage to human and animals more seriously in company with freezing disaster.They are the main factors of disaster formation.Strong jet,stronger frontal zone and strong divergence in upper air along the coast of north China become beneficial factors of vapor travelling from south to north.These factors promoted the formation of snowstorm in Inner Mongolia.Lastly,several circulation features of snowstorms in Inner Mongolia are analysed.
    5  Influence of the Winter Snow Cover in Tibetan Plateau and Eurasia on Summer Rainfall in China
    孙林海 宋文玲
    2001, 27(8):24-27. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.8.005
    [Abstract](732) [HTML](0) [PDF 355.33 K](751)
    According to the relationship between the snow cover in Tibetan Plateau and Eurasia in winter and the summer rainfall in China, the correlation between the summer rainfall in China and the snow cover in Plateau and Eurasia is verified. Results indicate that the prediction of summer rainfall is better by snow cover over the Plateau than that over Eurasia. The flood of the Changjiang River valley in summer usually occurred when anomalous snow cover in Tibetan Plateau is above normal in winter. This is an important indicator for the prediction of rainfall in summer.
    6  Application of the Mesoscale Numerical Model (MM5V3) in Shenyang Regional Meteorological Center
    周小珊 杨森 张立祥
    2001, 27(8):28-32. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.8.006
    [Abstract](728) [HTML](0) [PDF 323.82 K](662)
    The mesoscale numerical model (MM5V3) was used on the personal computer in Shenyang Regional Meteorological Center. There are some differences between MM5V3 and MM5V2 when MM5V3 was compiled by Fortran 90 in its pre process and post process. The longitudinal and latitudinal grid data set of the initial field and the boundary was created by T106L19 and sounding data set. The outputs of prediction were joined with plotting systems of Vis5d and Grads. The results of MM5V3 are better than those of MM5V2 which had been used in 2000 flood season, but not all.
    7  Discussion of Weather Days on Ground Climatic Data Reorganizing
    雷向杰 王小宁 黄存英 傅大同
    2001, 27(8):33-35. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.08.007
    [Abstract](580) [HTML](0) [PDF 215.81 K](693)
    The difference exists in information reorganizing data and meteorological tab1 and tab21,as well as Shaanxi climatic data compiled in 1972 of weather days from 1962 to 1979 was discussed. The problem for different stations , different periods, and the reasons caused difference was inquired.
    8  Meteorological Network System of Yunnan Province
    常晋 尤临 保小林 徐八林
    2001, 27(8):36-39. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.08.008
    [Abstract](445) [HTML](0) [PDF 252.29 K](638)
    The meteorological network system of Yunnan provinc can transmit information files by ChinaNet x.25 and Dial up,programmed in the system of windows 95/98 using OOP and FTP function.Its function and technique and how to make it are introduced.
    9  Analysis of Heavy Rainfall Process of Typhoon Marry
    潘志祥 方慈安 黄小玉 姚蓉 赵福华
    2001, 27(8):40-44. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.8.009
    [Abstract](891) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.26 M](784)
    A serious flood,associated with Typhoon Marry in 2000,occurred in parts of the southeast of Hunan Province.According to the integrated analysis of rainfall intensity,weather situation,infrared nephogram and atmospheric physical parameters, the effect of low pressure,which developed from Typhoon Marry after it had weakened,in Hunan Province is described.It provides some reference for forecast of storm rainfall,due to landfall of typhoons in Hunan Province.
    10  On Anomaly Atmospheric Circulation Features of Summer Severe Drought and Flood in Guizhou Province
    2001, 27(8):45-48. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.8.010
    [Abstract](607) [HTML](0) [PDF 285.73 K](674)
    Anomaly atmospheric circulation features of summer severe drought and flood in Guizhou are analysed.It pointed out that severe drought and flood are caused by difference circulation systems at 500 hPa height.A short range climatic forecasting method on severe drought and flood in Guizhou is discussed.
    11  Climate Character of Hail of Recent Years in HeiLongJiang Province
    李红斌 麻服伟
    2001, 27(8):49-51. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.8.011
    [Abstract](438) [HTML](0) [PDF 177.91 K](677)
    Using the hail data of recent 40 years in Heilongjiang Province, the basic climate features of hail is summarized. At the same time, the intensity, frequency and distribution of hail in HeiLongjiang Province recent 20 years are statistically analyzed.
    12  Analysis of Very Short-range Severe Precipitation and Radar Echoes During Pre-rainy Season in North Fujian
    陈秋萍 黄东兴 余建华 祖基煊 郑淑贞
    2001, 27(8):52-55. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.2001.8.012
    [Abstract](738) [HTML](0) [PDF 3.06 M](1903)
    During the pre rainy season between 1982 and 1996 in Northern Fujian,both spatial temporal distribution of the very short range severe precipitation and the echo features are analyzed and counted respectively.Also the influence of topography on radar echoes was studied.The results are instructive to monitor rainstorm and nowcast with radar.

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