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  • 1  Study and Forecasting of North China Heavy Rainfall Caused by Rain Increament of Tropical Cyclone
    曹钢锋 朱官忠 张善君
    1996, 22(3):3-7. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.03.001
    [Abstract](465) [HTML](0) [PDF 308.99 K](644)
    The BP network with nonlinear decision feature of artificial neural network is used,a for=asting method of heavy rainfall increament that makes the North China heavy rainfall caused by tropical cyclone is developed. The method is easy and objective,and the results are good in use.
    2  A Study of the Tropical Easterly Jet Stream Over Asia and Africa
    1996, 22(3):8-13. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.03.002
    [Abstract](659) [HTML](0) [PDF 3.92 M](687)
    The qualities and the causes of the tropical easterly jet stream over Asia and Africa are described,the relationships among the Tibetan High and the easterly jet stream in the upper trope sphere and the climates in the region of the Asia and Africa are also discussed.Temperature shears occur frequently in the vicinity of the tropical easterly jet stream over Asia,therefore the vicinity of the tropical tropopause 16-17km has now become a region of interest to high--level aviation. We must pay more attention to study the information regarding the tropical easterly jet stream at this altitude over nearly half of the tropics for about half of a year.
    3  A New Method of Calculating Dynamic Accuracy of Automatic Meteorological Stations
    陈玉欣 郭锡钦
    1996, 22(3):14-16. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.3.003
    [Abstract](548) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.83 M](749)
    A new method of calculating the dynamic accuracy of automatic meteorological station (AMS) is introduced. The computational results of the data observed with two AMS and one meteorological station in Hangzhou show that the standard deviation of the AMS and the meteoro-logical station are appropriate and objective. The computational results of the meteorological station data are approximatly the same as previously assumed values. The standard deviations of AMS are much smaller than the value required by CIMO (Committee of instrument and method of observation of WMO),and satisfy the accuracy requirment of AMS by CIMO.
    4  Meteorology and Sports
    1996, 22(3):17-21. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.03.004
    [Abstract](460) [HTML](0) [PDF 3.42 M](645)
    Three questions are discussed. First the meteorological conditions of all the previous Olympic. Asian and National games have been briefly evaluated. The most suitable and unsuitable seasons and cities for holding great sports matchs in 17 seasons of 8 cities in China are studied. Second,meteorological support to important games in China should be ensured. Third,effects of the meteorological conditions on the results of the sports competitions should be studied.
    5  The Moisture Feature of Storm in the Middle Reaches of Huanghe River
    黄石璞 夏立新
    1996, 22(3):22-28. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.3.005
    [Abstract](694) [HTML](0) [PDF 4.18 M](711)
    The outbreak and intensity of regional storm in the middle reaches of Huanghe River is closely related to the low latitude synoptic system (especially typhoon). The regional storm pro-cess in middle reaches of Huanghe River during June to Sept in 1982-1991 has been investigated. As the regional storm appeared,the space-structure characteristics of moisture source,transportioon,convergence and divergence influenced by the interaction of middle and low latitude synoptic systems were analysed. It is shown that 75 Percent moisture of regional storm and upwards precipitation stems from typhoon,and the moisture source is located bellow 700hpa. The moisture channel center is maitained over 850hpa. The key factors of the regional storm and hard rain are the input capacity of low-level moisture. The movement direction of the moisture channel center is identical with the low-level southeast jet. Otherwise,the presence of the lower surface moisture forced divergence in the south and southeast of the storm region is benefit to the moist ture re-convergence towards the storm region.
    6  Analysis about the Tropical Cyclones Affecting Shandong in 1994
    张少林 朱官忠
    1996, 22(3):29-32. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.3.006
    [Abstract](591) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.80 M](724)
    There are more tropical cyclones affecting our nation in 1994. Using the routin synoptic mapand the data of SST,the circulation system and the SST field character which make the landingnorthward tropical cyclone more in 1994 were analysed. The results show that the main reason isthat the west Pacific SubtrOPical High is stationary and further north and the SST higher. Therelation between the track and position of the tropical cyclone and the spatial--temporal distribution and intensity of precipitation in Shandong were statistically analysed.
    7  The Aeronautical Meteorological Operational System for Indigo Workstation
    张少洪 李洪绩 徐宏 李玮
    1996, 22(3):33-36. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.3.007
    [Abstract](467) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.75 M](718)
    A lot of data such as the have been collected,processed and provided by the Aeronautical Meteorological Operational system with high performance of indigo workstation. The system is an open modular architecture performing under the network with which the users could share all the resouces and products.
    8  An Automatic Forecasting System of Medium-Range Heavy Rain
    毕春盛 李强
    1996, 22(3):37-39. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.3.008
    [Abstract](798) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.78 M](759)
    The forecasting system of the medium--range heavy rain is a whole automatic process fromreceiving information to printing out results. The forecasting methods of the medium--range heavyrain include mainly the analogue forecast of circulation patterns,the case similarity of heaVy rainand the expert system of the medium-range forecast. The dynamic decision of the level--analysis isadopted to conduct the consensus forecast.
    9  A New Mid- and Long-range Cold Wave Forecast with Similar Parameter and 500hpa Pentad Grid Data
    1996, 22(3):40-42. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.3.009
    [Abstract](602) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.91 M](733)
    A forecast method of mid- and long-term cold wave in Guangdong which based on the similar theory are introduced 11 key--regions in Northern Hemisphere connected closely with cold airactivities in Guangdong are choosed. Then weather information in each region are analyzed andextracted by using 500hpa pentad grid data. Finally the cold wave forecast,which based on dailytemperature at some stations of Guangdong,are made though comparison with the historical analogue examples.
    10  The Medium-range Forecasting System of Microtherm and Excessive Rain in Spring
    马德贞 林玉成 李晓东
    1996, 22(3):43-47. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.3.010
    [Abstract](814) [HTML](0) [PDF 3.12 M](799)
    Based on the NWP products,the medium--range operational .forecasting system of a microtherm and excessive rain in spring is established. The system includes detailed data of the microtherm and excessive rain as well as continuous fine days. It uses successive regression,successive discrimination and analog method to combine NWP products with synoptic principles andforecasting experiences. The system can collect data and make prediction automatically and objectively. Every part of the system is independent. The system uses batch processing technique andcan be operated easily,and it displays data and figures rapidly.The results of the experiments in the last three years show that the system has better abilities in forecasting rnicrotherm and excessive rain. Obviously social and economic benefits havebeen obtained in the practical forecasting operation.
    11  Comparing the Characteristics of PBL among Oasis,Desert and Gobi
    朱平 蒋瑞宾
    1996, 22(3):48-50. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.3.011
    [Abstract](466) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.84 M](689)
    Using data obtained from the HEIFE experiment,the distribution characteristics of wind,temperature and moisture over the oasis,desert and gobi are analysed and compared. This work isbeneficial to provide the scientific basis for the study of the effect of different climate caused byheterogeneous surface in the northwestern region on biosphere,the exploitation of the soil resources and the reform of the natural environment.
    12  The Circulation Background of Spring Cold in Fujian
    1996, 22(3):51-53. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.3.012
    [Abstract](341) [HTML](0) [PDF 1.85 M](635)
    Using 30 year data of 65 stations,the key weather of spring cold which has a great impacton Fujian'S agriculture production is analysed,and its time--space distribution features and EOFfeatures are presented. The results show that the uglar mountains,Lake Balkal and mid--lower latitudes of Asia are the key regions over which the circulations are related to FujiAn'S spring coldevents.
    13  Preliminary Study of Mildew Prevention and Control with Rice Seedlings Drily Raised and Sparse Transplant
    曹书涛 顾录泉 王新林 刘宝华 钱宗华 徐长青
    1996, 22(3):54-56. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1996.03.013
    [Abstract](519) [HTML](0) [PDF 2.01 M](581)
    From 1993 to 1994,according to the basic principles of culture,prevention and control and meteorology,a series of experiments were conducted on comparison between the two ways of the sparse transplant of the drily raised rice seedlings and the conventional rice culture in terms of field microclimate,mildew occurrence and its prevention and control. The results show that if rice seedlings are drily raised and sparsely transplanted,the field microclimate is raised and the moist t ure is lowered with more sunlight between the rows. As a result,the mildew occurrence periodcan be delayed and the mildew degree can be lessened with less farrn chemical,lower agricalturalcost and higher output.

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