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  • 1  The significant test for meteorological element field
    1989, 15(4):3-8. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1989.4.001
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    The problems and their resolutions in testing the significance for meteorological clement field are introduced in this paper. The influence of .the persistence in series for the, testing at single station and the correlation relationships of grid points in the field are considered am! resolved by means of Motile Carlo and modern methods of statistical test.
    2  A statistical analysis of typhoon activities over the South China Sea and ENSO
    施能 周家德
    1989, 15(4):9-14. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1989.04.002
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    In this paper, he relationship between typhoon activities over the Soath China Sea. and ENSO events is statistically analysed. The, results show that the frequency of typhoon appearance over the South China Sea is lower in the El Nino years, and higher in the following years.The anomales of typhoonactivities oceur mainly in Octo-her to November of the El Nino year, and September to November of the following year.
    3  El Nino events from 1470 to 1988
    1989, 15(4):15-20. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1989.4.003
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    The El Nino events in the period of 1470 to 1988 are identified using the given proxy data such as Peruvian floods, Tnduncsiian and Australian droughts, tyghoon landed in China , Cool Summers in East Asia , and SOI reconstructed from drought / flood data in China and tree-rings in North America.
    4  Effects of, synoptic system on atmospheric diffusion model
    1989, 15(4):21-23. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1989.04.004
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    By incorporating vorticity into the atmospheric diffusion model, it is obtained that the pollutant concentration is increased in the negetive vorticity areas, and decreased in the positive vorticity areas, and this result is in accordance with observations.
    5  A case study of droplet spectra and liquid water content measurements in aircraft icing environments
    陈跃 马培民 游来光
    1989, 15(4):24-28. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1989.4.005
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    It is the first time to study the mierophysical conditions acsoeiated wilh aircral icing in PRC. The flights were made in winter stratiform and straiocumuls clouas-Icing data of adout 5-6 hours was obtained during 1988-1987 winter season. In th paper horizontal and vrtical variations of LWG. VMD and droplet, spectra in oac flight arc disenssed. Khrgian-Mazin form doe, not fit well with the spectra because of their bimodal .

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