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  • 1  The CO2 problem in climate and dryness in North China
    1989, 15(3):3-9. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1989.03.001
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    In the article the main results of the two workshops of WMO, ICSU and UNEP on CO2 prpblem in 1985, and 1987 were briefed and compared. -Considering the corresppunding, relationship between temperature and precipitation variations in time scale ,1012—105 years it is well correlating to Warmn-ess / coldness.So the warming effect of CO2 will be a factor to make, the climate in North China moister than it is at pre-sent.
    2  Climatic changes in China as simulated due to green house
    1989, 15(3):10-14. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1989.3.002
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    The changes of the surface air temperature, preeipitation rate and soil moisture in winter and summer seasons in China induced hy doubled CO2 as simulated by five atmospheric GGM /mixed-layor ncean(with ice)madels are. shown.It is clemostrated from five simulations that the temperature is going up in China and precipitation and soil moisture are changing somewhere clue to the green house than the present time.
    3  The microphysical structures and precipitation characteristics of the cloud zone,over a wintertime cold front and stratocumulus under it in Urumqi
    王广河 游来光
    1989, 15(3):15-19. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1989.3.003
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    The micro-physical structures of cloud and , snowfall in precipitation starting stage were observed with a instrument aircraft on Nov. 7, ,1,983. The results show that there were several cloud layers in the, starting .stage of cold front snowfall, and there was a snow band with 5 km .width over the cold front.It is estimated that the updraft velocity is greater than 0.8 m·s-1 in the snowband,which is somewhat characterized by a narrow con-vective cells band.The ice crystals were formed at the top of the convec-tive" cloud band with temperature about -17℃.
    4  A method for forecasting of ear and tassel development in maize
    何维勋 曹永华
    1989, 15(3):20-23. DOI: 10.7519/j.issn.1000-0526.1989.03.004
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    The relationship between development of maize "and temperature was studied through stage by stage sowing experiments in the field and simulation experiments in pliytotron.The results show that the rate of leaf appearance was curvilineally related to the mean daily temperature and the number of appearance leaves.Two equations describing these curves were set up on the basis of observations.By applying the relationship between number of appearance leaves and ear development stage, the forecasting of car and tassel development courses can be made.

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