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Global Significant Climate Events in 2006

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    Global climate has been warming up persistently in 2006 , and it is t he sixth warmest year on record. An El Ni[AKn~D]o event came into being since A ugust 2 006. In January, strong clod wave and snowstorm raided most of Europe and Japan. During summer, heat wave swept part of China, most of USA and Europe. In the ye ar, drought and flood occurred in many regions in the world, such as southern US A and southeastern Australia suffered severe drought, drought and flood occurred in eastern Africa in turn, rainstorm attacked southern Asia and northwestern So uth America frequently. In 2006, the activities of typhoons were weaker than nor mal in the northwestern Pacific, but stronger and more destructive than normal. Meanwhile, the activities of hurricanes were weaker than normal in the Atlantic Ocean and stronger than normal in the eastern North Pacific.

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