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Meteorological Risk Analysis and Forecast to Mariculture Production

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    The disaster of the mariculture production and the suitable environment condition were studied.Then meteorological disaster risk of the mariculture production and the standard of suitable environment,characterized by seawater salinity and temperature,were confirmed.The database of the risk index was built.By using the data of seawater salinity,seawater temperature,precipitation and temperature,wind speed,wind direction and so on during 1968 to 1982,and choosing the method of the stepwise regression equations,the forecast equations of seawater temperature and seawater salinity were formulated,used meteorological elements as prediction factors.Based on it,through the weather observation and forecast and combining with the standard of the risk evaluation,the meteorological risk of the mariculture production was forecasted.In this way,more pertinent weather forecast service has been offered to prevent the disaster and improve the output and the quality of the mariculture production.

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