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China Meteorologically-driven Ecological Monitoring and Assessment in the First Half of 2006

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    For the meteorologically-driven ecological assessment of China in the first half of 2006,based on the estimate of net primary productivity(NPP),the meteorologically-driven ecological assessment index(EMI)model is developed.Monitoring and assessment show that the ecological and meteorological conditions are worse in the most part of China,and the meteorologically-driven ecological assessment index of China is only-30.The better,moderate,worse proportions of ecological and meteorological condition grade give a ratio of 2∶45∶53.The woodland,grass-shrub-land and farmland area,which are very important for environment and production,have its ecological and meteorological condition grade being better or moderate,and but their area decreases obviously compared with that in the first half of 2005.From January to June,the meteorologically-driven ecological assessment index is receded month by month,it is order but approaches to critical state and even to worse grade almost in May and June.The main causation is the effect of drought and low temperature in a long period of time.The more forest and grass fires and the frequent sandstorm happening in large area are the environment causes and effects.There are some physical and ecological significances in the meteorologically-driven ecological assessment index model.The model is applied and has better space-time resolution.The model was applied to ecological monitoring and assessment in the first half of 2006,its result was objective and reliable.

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