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Verification of the Medium-range Forecast Efficiency of T213 and ECMWF Model from June to August 2006

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    In China,summer is the most difficult season for weather forecasting because the weather systems changes quickly and strongly so that most serious meteorological hazards such as drought,torrential and flood occur in this season.In order to improve the ability to use the products of T213,some synoptic verification about its 96-hour medium-term numerical forecasting in 2006 summer is made in comparison with the NWP of ECMWF model.The results indicate that both models have good performances for large-scale circulation of the high and middle latitude,temperature of 850hPa and the Pacific subtropical high.They can also forecast the movement of tropical cyclone successfully except more fast than observation.But the movement velocity of tropical cyclone center forecasted by T213 model is faster and its landing is earlier than observation,while the prediction results of ECMWF model is reverse.

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