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Research Reviews of Dynamic, Thermodynamic and Microphysical Factors Affecting Cloud and Precipitation

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    Cloud and precipitation are the results of the interactions between atmospheric dynamic, thermodynamic and cloud microphysical processes, thus these processes also restrict and affect their generation and development. For an in-depth understanding the influences of these processes on cloud and precipitation, which can be discussed briefly from the following three aspects: (1)Influences of dynamic factors on cloud and precipitation. Wind shear, synoptic elevation effects, topographical dynamics and turbulence effects are generally analyzed. (2)Influences of thermodynamic factors on cloud and precipitation. Thermodynamic disturbance, latent heat release and radiation processes are analyzed respectively. (3)Influences of microphysical processes on cloud and precipitation. They are, effects of microphysical processes on dynamic and thermodynamic processes, effects of electrification processes on cloud particles, and relative importance of different microphysical processes on cloud and precipitation, which are discussed respectively. Finally, the necessity of considering these three aspects together in study problems of cloud and precipitation is put forward.

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