2019年4月13日广东徐闻强龙卷天气分析 *
黄先香1, 俞小鼎2,2, 炎利军1, 蔡康龙1, 植江玲1, 王硕甫1
Analysis of the Strong Tornado in Xuwen County, Guangdong Province on 13 April 2019
huangxianxiang1, YU Xiaoding2, YAN Lijun1, CAI Kanglong1, ZHI Jiangling1, WANG Shuofu1
(1.Foshan Tornado Research Center;2.China Meteorological Administration Training Center)
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中文摘要: 2019年4月13日广东省湛江市徐闻县发生了EF3级强龙卷,龙卷路径长约16 km,持续时间约36 min,导致1人死亡、5人受伤。利用包括多普勒天气雷达和高密度区域自动站在内多种观测资料对此次强龙卷过程的环境场和雷达回波特征进行分析,结果表明:产生龙卷超级单体的中尺度对流系统发生在地面暖低压槽前,中低层存在显著西南气流和偏南急流的汇合,具备低层辐合、高层辐散及高温高湿等典型强对流环流形势;环境条件表现为强的垂直风切变、低的抬升凝结高度、较大的风暴相对螺旋度以及大的能量螺旋度;龙卷影响时,地面自动站气象要素表现出明显信号,气压陡降与陡升,风向气旋式旋转,风速突增,气温明显下降等;龙卷发生在一个主要伴随正地闪、高质心的超级单体风暴中,存在低层强中气旋和龙卷涡旋特征(TVS),以及钩状回波和回波悬垂等特征,龙卷出现在钩状回波顶端附近。高分辨率卫星红外图像上显示龙卷发生在β中尺度对流系统边缘云顶黑体温度梯度最大处。
Abstract:An EF3 tornado struck Xuwen County of Zhanzhang city, Guangdong Province on 13 April 2019. The tornado path was about 16 km long and lasted about 36 minutes, resulting in one fatality and five injuries. In this paper, the Characteristics of the environmental field and radar echo of the strong tornado are analyzed by using a variety of observational data such as high density regional automatic weather stations and doppler radar observations. The results show that the mesoscale convective system producing tornado supercell occurs in front of the surface warm and low pressure trough, and there is a significant convergence of southwest airflow and southerly jet in the middle and lower layers. It has typical strong convective circulation situations such as low-level convergence, high-level divergence and high temperature and humidity. The environmental conditions are characterized by strong vertical wind shear, low lifting condensation level, large storm relative helicity and large energy helicity. When the tornado affects, the meteorological elements of the automatic weather station show obvious signals, such as steep drop and steep rise of air pressure, cyclonic rotation of wind direction, sudden increase of wind speed, obvious drop of temperature, etc. Tornado occurs in a supercell storm with positive Cloud-to-Ground lightning and high cell centroid. There are low-level strong mesocyclone and TVS, as well as hook echo and echo pendency. Tornado occurs near the top of the hook echo. High resolution satellite infrared images show that tornado occurs at the maximum blackbody temperature gradient of meso-β scale convective system edge.
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huangxianxiang,YU Xiaoding,YAN Lijun,CAI Kanglong,ZHI Jiangling,WANG Shuofu,0.Analysis of the Strong Tornado in Xuwen County, Guangdong Province on 13 April 2019[J].Meteor Mon,():-.