傅新姝1, 王晓峰1, 雷明2, 杜明斌1, 夏卫祖3,3, 陈哲3,3, 张紫龙2
On the use of small unmanned aircraft system for the atmospheric surface layer measurements over the urbanized areas
FU Xinshu1, WANG Xiaofeng1, LEI Ming2, DU Mingbin1, XIA Weizu3, CHEN Zhe3, ZHANG Zilong2
(1.Shanghai Ecological Forecasting and Remote Sensing Center;2.Hubei Aerospace Flight Vehicle Institute;3.Shanghai Baoshan Meteorological Service)
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投稿时间:2019-12-25    修订日期:2020-10-16
中文摘要: 近地层探测是认识城市地区地气交换过程的关键手段,但高分辨率近地层探测资料还很欠缺,无人机在探测近地层精细结构方面有重要优势。利用垂直起降固定翼无人机搭载温湿传感器,针对2018年~2019年冬、春季典型天气过程,在上海开展了20次无人机试验,获得有效数据19组,并基于同站自动站和探空资料,评估探测资料精度,分析了无人机探测在城市地区的适用性。结果表明:1)无人机试验能获得较高精度的城市近地层探测资料,冬季和春季试验获得的地面气温(相对湿度)与自动站的平均偏差分别为-0.5 ℃(4.9%)和0.9 ℃(-5.9%);2)无人机探测的贴地逆温等结构及其变化特征与探空资料一致,说明无人机对城市地区近地层结构及其演变特征有较好的探测能力。
Abstract:Measurements within the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) play a key role in understanding the exchanges of energy and mass between the land surface and the atmosphere. But the commonly used radiosonde and remote sensing observations have some limitations in capturing the details of the temperature and moisture variations in the lower ABL – surface layer. Small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) is a good alternative because of its flexibility, low cost and capability to provide measurements of higher spatiotemporal resolution in the lower ABL. The goal of this study is to demonstrate whether the accurate and high spatiotemporal resolution thermodynamic profiles of the lower ABL over the urbanized areas could be obtained using sUAS. Twenty flights in total were conducted in Shanghai during winter (in December 2018) and spring (in March 2019) months, and 19 profiles (surface - 200 m) of temperature and moisture were collected. Measurements from automatic weather station (AWS) and radiosonde at the same site were used to evaluate these profiles. Results show that surface temperature and relative humidity derived by sUAS are close to those from AWS, with the mean differences of -0.5 ℃, 4.9% for winter flights and 0.9 ℃, -5.9% for spring flights. The general features of temperature and relative humidity profiles obtained from sUAS are consistent with those from radiosonde, such as temperature inversion near the ground and so on. These findings indicate that sUAS is capable of revealing detailed structures and variations of the lower ABL over the urbanized areas.
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傅新姝,王晓峰,雷明,杜明斌,夏卫祖,陈哲,张紫龙,.[en_title][J].Meteor Mon,():-.
FU Xinshu,WANG Xiaofeng,LEI Ming,DU Mingbin,XIA Weizu,CHEN Zhe,ZHANG Zilong,.On the use of small unmanned aircraft system for the atmospheric surface layer measurements over the urbanized areas[J].Meteor Mon,():-.