李宏宇, 周旭, 张荣, 张骁拓, 王晓辉
Comparison and Analysis of Several Meteorological Elements and Flight Parameters Observed from Different Airborne Detection Instruments
LI Hongyu, ZHOU Xu, ZHANG Rong, ZHANG Xiaotuo, WANG Xiaohui
(Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences)
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中文摘要: 飞机探测是云物理学研究的重要组成部分,它对了解大气环境特征、云雾降水形成机理、天气气候变化与精细化数值预报等方面起着至关重要的作用,也是人工影响天气业务中云系催化条件和催化效果时空分布及其变化的最直接观测手段。为了解机载探测不同数据源之间差异,检验飞机探测数据质量,结合新舟60增雨飞机2018年10月21日一次飞行案例,通过对该飞机平台和飞机任务系统不同机载设备对关键飞行参数与气象要素的观测对比分析,结果表明:1)飞机平台全球卫星定位系统GPS和任务系统北斗卫星导航系统BDS、机载综合气象测量系统AIMMS-20三套定位源的经度、纬度和海拔高度定位偏差较小,飞机气压高度表观测海拔高度则明显低于任务系统BDS和AIMMS-20;2)飞机平台大气数据系统ADS与任务系统AIMMS-20、云粒子图像探头CIP观测的真空速、环境气压、温度以及相对湿度各参数变化趋势一致。ADS与AIMMS-20真空速观测值非常接近,AIMMS-20对环境风速瞬时变化响应更灵敏,CIP探测真空速明显小于ADS和AIMMS-20,平均偏慢约10 m/s;AIMMS-20和CIP环境气压变化趋势完全一致,且观测值非常接近,ADS环境气温比AIMMS-20平均偏低1.4 ℃,偏低最大时观测存在明显逆温。CIP环境气温比AIMMS-20平均偏低0.6 ℃,环境湿度比AIMMS-20平均偏低8.6%;3)机上不同设备对环境与气象参数的观测差异,一方面因机载设备安装位置不同所致,另一方面也受大气与云结构不均匀的影响。飞机平台与任务系统不同设备观测对比分析,不仅为云物理机载探测数据合理应用提供指导,还能够为国家和地方人工影响天气飞机机载设备系统集成设计提供重要技术支持。
Abstract:Airborne detection is one of the most important components in research of cloud and precipitation physics. It is critical to understand the characteristics of the atmosphere environment, weather and climate changes, precise numerical prediction and etc. It is also one the most audio-visual way to observe the temporal and spatial distribution and its evolution of seeding conditions and seeding effects in weather modification activities. Based on a flight case of the national MA60 seeding aircraft which took place on October 21, 2018, several flight parameters and meteorological elements observed from onboard various instruments were compared and analyzed to investigate their difference and verify the detection data quality. The results show that 1) the various of the longitude, latitude and altitude location is relatively small showed on the GPS of aircraft platform, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System(BDS) and aircraft integrated meteorological measurement system(AIMMS-20). The observation of altitude on aircraft’s barometric altimeter is sharply lower than it showed on BDS and AIMMS-20. 2) The changing trend of ambient pressure, TAS, temperature, relative humidity and other elements are almost the same showed on aircraft platform air data system(ADS), AIMMS-20 and cloud image probe(CIP), whilst, the observed values are also closed to each other on ADS and AIMMS-20. The instantaneous changes of wind on AIMMS-20 is more accurate than it showed on the ADS. The true air speed(TAS) showed on CIP is significantly smaller than it showed on AIMMS-20, 10m/s on average. The changing trend of environment pressure is the same showed on AIMMS-20 and CIP. There is 1.4℃ environment temperature lower on the average that showed between ADS and AIMMS-20, and there are also the presences of inversion when lowest value happens. The ambient temperature showed on CIP probe is 0.6℃ lower than it showed on AIMMS-20 and 8.6% relative humidity lower than it showed on AIMMS-20. 3) The difference of aircraft location and those environment elements between different airborne observation sources comes from different installation locations of those detection instruments or sensors, and also is induced by the influence of inhomogeneous cloud structures. The comparison and analysis can not only provide some scientific basis for reasonable application of the airborne detection data, but also help to guide the design of airborne integrated mission systems for future national and local high-performance seeding and detecting aircrafts construction.
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LI Hongyu,ZHOU Xu,ZHANG Rong,ZHANG Xiaotuo,WANG Xiaohui,0.Comparison and Analysis of Several Meteorological Elements and Flight Parameters Observed from Different Airborne Detection Instruments[J].Meteor Mon,():-.