刘瑞翔1, 刘端阳2, 姚雷1, 朱云凤1, 颜佳任1
Analysis on the Variety Characteristics and Meteorological Conditions of Haze in Lianyungang City in Recent Decade
LIU Ruixiang1, LIU Duanyang2, YAO Lei1, ZHU Yunfeng1, YAN Jianren1
(1.Lianyungang Meteorological Bureau;2.Key Laboratory of Transportation Meteorology,China Meteorological Administration)
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中文摘要: 利用连云港市气象和环境监测数据,分析了2008—2018年该地区霾的变化特征及其与气象要素的关系,并重点讨论了中-重度霾发生的天气背景和污染物源地特征。主要得到以下结论:连云港主城区霾日数从2011年起逐年显著增加,2013—2015年达峰值,之后逐年减少;冬季霾出现最为频繁,其中1月重度霾日数最多;1~2 m·s-1风速最利于该地区霾的形成;WNW、WSW和SSW三个风向下连云港主城区霾出现的频率最高,受地形和工业布局等因素影响,自海上来的偏东风下该地区霾出现的频率也较高。相对湿度在70~80%之间时,霾出现频率最高,但更高相对湿度更利于中-重度霾形成。PM2.5粒子与能见度、风速和相对湿度等气象要素的相关性均大于PM10。根据地面环流形势,可将连云港地区霾的天气背景分为低压倒槽型、锋前型、高压前部型、高压后部型和均压场型5种,其中均压场型占比最大,达35.8%。逆温层结对中-重度霾的形成有较好指示作用,08时和20时逆温出现的频次和强度均大于14时。轨迹聚类分析表明,不同天气型下中-重度霾对应气团的源地、路径和移动距离均有明显差异。
Abstract:Based on the meteorological and environmental observation data, the variety characteristics and meteorological conditions of haze in Lianyungang city were analyzed during 2008 to 2018. The synoptic backgrounds and pollutant sources of moderate and severe haze events were also emphatically discussed in this region. The results indicated that the number of haze days in Lianyungang main urban area increased significantly from 2011, which reached the peak during 2013 to 2015, and then decreased year by year. The haze days appeared most frequently in winter while the number of severe haze days in January ranked the most. The wind speed of 1-2 m.s-1 was most conducive for the formation of moderate and severe haze. The frequencies of haze hours ranked higher under the wind directions of WNW, WSW and SSW in Lianyungang main urban area, and the frequency of haze hours under east wind from the sea was also higher duing to factors like terrain features and industrial layout. The haze appeared at a highest frequency with the relative humidity between 70 and 80%, while higher relative humidity was more conducive to the formation of moderate and severe haze hours. The correlation coefficients of PM2.5 particle and meteorological factors such as visibility, wind speed and relative humidity were higher than that of PM10. The surface circulation backgrounds of moderate and severe haze events can be divided into five types, which were low pressure or inverted trough type, prefrontal type, front of high pressure type, back of high pressure type and uniform pressure field type, among which the uniform pressure field type accounted for the largest proportion of 35.8%. The inversion layer played an important role in the formation of moderate and severe haze events, and the average intensity and frequency of inversion at 8:00am and 20:00pm were both higher than that at 14:00pm. Analysis of trajectory clustering showed that the source, path and moving distance of air masses corresponding to moderate and severe haze events under different weather types were of significant differences.
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LIU Ruixiang,LIU Duanyang,YAO Lei,ZHU Yunfeng,YAN Jianren,0.Analysis on the Variety Characteristics and Meteorological Conditions of Haze in Lianyungang City in Recent Decade[J].Meteor Mon,():-.