许莹1, 王猛2, 杨太明1, 高超3,3, 王晓东1
Research on Disaster-causing Index of Single-harvest Rice Heat Injury in Anhui Province
XU Ying1, WANG Meng2, YANG Tai-ming1, GAO Chao3, WANG Xiao-dong1
(1.Agricultural Meteorological Center of Anhui Province;2.Tangshan Meteorological Bureau;3.Department of Geography Spatial Information Techniques,Ningbo University)
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中文摘要: 本研究以气象行业标准《区域性高温天气过程等级划分》为基础,依据安徽省62个气象站点1981-2018年7月下旬至9月上旬逐日气象资料,探讨划分出安徽省一季稻高温热害的单站、区域致灾等级指标,将全省一季稻高温热害致灾等级划分为轻、中、重三个等级。采用该指标,对近40年全省一季稻高温热害发生情况进行了试评估。结果表明,该指标可以定量地评估全省一季稻高温热害的致灾程度,历史检验灾害等级符合率达到97%,因此,该指标可应用于安徽省一季稻产量预报和灾害评估业务服务中。
Abstract:Studies on daily meteorological data of 62 stations from late?July to early September during 1981 to 2018, combining with meteorological industry standard Temperature index of high temperature harm for main crops, the single-station and regional disaster-causing index of single-harvest-rice heat injury were divided. Based on regional index, three provincial grades were classified: light , medium and sever. In addition, the variation of single-harvest-rice heat injury in Anhui province during recent 40 years was analyzed. The results show that, the coincidence rate of historical test of disaster grade reached 97%. It can be used to quantitatively evaluate the effect of heat injury on single-harvest-rice in the whole province or in a region. This study can be applied to the operational services of single-harvest-rice yield prediction and disaster assessment in Anhui Province.n Anhui Province.
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许莹,王猛,杨太明,高超,王晓东,0.[en_title][J].Meteor Mon,():-.
XU Ying,WANG Meng,YANG Tai-ming,GAO Chao,WANG Xiao-dong,0.Research on Disaster-causing Index of Single-harvest Rice Heat Injury in Anhui Province[J].Meteor Mon,():-.