程元慧1, 付佩玲2, 胡东明2, 包晓军3, 张羽2, 李浩文2, 许 欢2
The Network of Phased-Array Radar in Guangzhou for the Study of Severe Convective Storms
chengyuanhui1, fupeilin2, hudongming2, baoxiaojun3, zhangyu2, lihaowen2, xuhuan2
(1.Guangdong Meteorological Bureau;2.Guangzhou Meteorological Observatory;3.Naruida Technology Co., Ltd.)
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中文摘要: 通过统计近3年广州强对流天气的回波结构特征,设计了由4部具有双线偏振功能的X波段相控阵天气雷达组网,覆盖广州中心城区。以期获得本地小尺度对流单体生消完整过程的精细探测资料,为对流单体生消机理分析提供数据基础,同时为城市冠层影响飑线等线状对流系统强度变化分析提供观测依据。观测试验表明,相控阵雷达网获取的高分辨率探测数据,监测本地生消的小尺度对流单体、线状对流系统的强度变化有明显优势,对预警信号发布等业务有很大帮助。
Abstract:Based on the statistical analysis of echo structure of severe convective Storms in Guangzhou during 2015-2017,a network of phased-array polarimetric Doppler radar has been set up, which entirely covered the central district of Guangzhou. The main purpose is to obtain high-resolution radar datasets of strong meso-micro scale convections, which would be helpful for further analyzing structure and the formation, dispersal mechanism of these storms. Meanwhile, it contributes significantly to understanding the effects of urban canopy on the local meteorological field and the linear convection systems such as squall lines. The results of field experiment shows: The high-resolution radar datasets from phased array radar have great advantages in monitoring development of local meso-micro scale convections, also the evolution of local intensity of linear convection systems. It would be very helpful to increase the accuracy and timeliness of early warning signal issuance and other business.
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程元慧,付佩玲,胡东明,包晓军,张羽,李浩文,许 欢,0.[en_title][J].Meteor Mon,():-.
chengyuanhui,fupeilin,hudongming,baoxiaojun,zhangyu,lihaowen,xuhuan,0.The Network of Phased-Array Radar in Guangzhou for the Study of Severe Convective Storms[J].Meteor Mon,():-.