Kaiyuan Tornado Survey
zhang1, guan1, ZHENG Yongguang2, chen3, cai3, li4, cui5, wu6, zhang1, yang1, lan1
(1.nmc;2.National Meteorological Center;3.liaoning;4.沈阳;5.tie;6.kaiyuan)
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中文摘要: 2019年7月3日,辽宁省铁岭开原市发生了一次具有详细视频记录的强龙卷灾害。本文基于详细的现场调查和视频资料,得出了该次龙卷的生命史、发生时间、路径、灾害宽度和强度分布,发现龙卷强度的减弱或加强变化与密集高楼和空旷田野区等下垫面状况明显相关联。综合评估本次龙卷最大强度为中国龙卷强度等级的四级(相当于美国的EF4级),但四级灾害点分布范围非常小,灾害分布宽度和EF4级灾害点范围都显著小于2016年江苏阜宁EF4级龙卷。钢筋混凝土框架结构的居民小区楼房在至少EF3级强度的龙卷风袭击后保持主体结构完好,而大型钢架厂房对龙卷灾害的防御能力远差于居民小区。本次强龙卷所经地区多为旷野和厂房,受影响人员较少,且龙卷发生时视野极佳,这是该次龙卷没有造成更大灾情的重要原因。由于下垫面状况和致灾机制的复杂性,风灾强度估计必然存在一定的不确定性。
Abstract:On July 3, 2019, an intense tornado with detailed video records occurred in Kaiyuan City, Tieling, Liaoning Province. Based on the detailed damage survey and video data, this paper obtains the lifecycle, occurrence time, path, disaster width and intensity distribution of the tornado. It is found that the weakening or strengthening of the tornado intensity is significantly related to the underlying surface conditions of dense high buildings and open field areas. According to the comprehensive assessment, the maximum intensity of this tornado is Level 4 (equivalent to EF4 in the United States), but the distribution range of Level 4 disaster was very small, and the disaster distribution width and the range of Level 4 disaster were significantly smaller than the EF4 tornado in Funing, Jiangsu Province in 2016. The main structure of residential buildings with reinforced concrete frame structure remained intact after tornado with EF3 intensity at least, while the defense ability of large-scale steel frame workshop to tornado disaster is far worse than that of residential buildings. The areas through which the intense tornado passed were mostly wilderness and factories, with fewer people affected and a good view when the tornado occurred, which is an important reason why the tornado did not cause more serious disaster. Due to the complexity of underlying surface conditions and disaster mechanism, there must be some uncertainty in the estimation of the tornado intensity.
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