孙晶, 蔡淼, 王飞, 史月琴
A Case Study of Aircraft Icing Conditions in Anqing Area
SUN Jing, CAI Miao, WANG Fei, SHI Yueqin
(Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences)
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投稿时间:2018-08-17    修订日期:2018-12-19
中文摘要: 利用卫星、雷达、探空、飞机等观测资料和NCEP 再分析资料,以及数值模拟结果,对2016年3月8-9日我国南方安庆地区的云系特征和飞机积冰气象条件进行了分析,并对比了几种积冰指数算法的计算结果。结果表明,此次飞机积冰发生在寒潮天气背景下,强冷空气造成锋面逆温。实测飞机积冰现象出现在对流降雨结束后的层积云层顶部,积冰高度对应高空锋区逆温层底部,云顶高度约3.4km,云顶温度-10℃,无降水和雷达回波,云中主要为过冷水,丰沛时段飞机观测过冷水平均值为0.36g/m<sub><sup>3</sup></sub>,基本无冰相粒子。当云顶高度再度抬升,冰相粒子增多时,过冷水含量减少,不利于积冰现象发生。多种积冰指数对比分析表明,CIP初始积冰潜势算法较好体现了此次层积云飞机积冰特征。CPEFS模式模拟出了与实测比较一致的云宏微观结构。
Abstract:Aircraft icing observation test was conducted on 8-9 March 2016 in Anqing area of China. The icing conditions are studied using observations of satellite, radar, soundings, aircraft, NCEP reanalysis data and simulations of the CPEFS model. The multi-scale structure about icing cloud is discussed. Results of several icing indexes are compared. Results show: The large-scale weather system of the icing case is the cold wave on the surface. Strong cold air induced front inversion. On the top of stratiform cloud after the convective rainfall, icing was detected by the aircraft. The height of icing is under the layer of front inversion. The cloud top height is about 3.4km and the cloud top temperature is -10℃. There is no precipitation and radar reflectivity during this time. The cloud is composed of large number of supercooled water and no ice particles. The average supercooled water during the icing time is 0.36g/m<sup>3</sup>.When the cloud top lifted again and ice particles increased to snow, the aircraft icing was not observed because of the poor supercooled water. The CIP initial icing potential results described this aircraft icing well. The cloud structure simulated by CPEFS model is basically consistant with observations.
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