张春燕1, 李岩瑛1, 曾 婷1, 张爱萍2
Case Analysis and Climatic Characteristics of Winter Sandstorm over Eastern Hexi Corridor
zhangchunyan1, liyanying1, zengtin1, zhangaiping2
(1.Weather bureau of wuwei city, gansu province;2.Weather bureau of minqin)
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投稿时间:2018-01-26    修订日期:2019-07-15
中文摘要: 应用1971~2016年河西走廊东部代表站的地面观测资料、NCEP2.5o?×2.5o月均地面到300hPa高空资料,2006~2016年民勤逐日07时和19时每隔10m加密高空资料,分析了近45年河西走廊东部冬季沙尘暴天气的年际变化特征。同时选取2016年11月两次沙尘暴天气过程从天气学成因、物理量场及近地面边界层特征等方面进行了诊断分析。结果表明:近45a河西走廊东部冬季沙尘暴日数呈减少趋势,产生大风沙尘天气的主要原因不仅与大型冷暖空气强度及环流形势有关,还与冷锋过境时间、日变化、近地层风速和干湿程度关系密切。夜间至早晨近地面逆温厚而强,大气层结稳定,削弱沙暴强度,而午后到傍晚,逆温薄而弱,大气层结不稳定性强,加强动量下传和风速,增强沙暴强度。近地层越干,风速越大,沙暴越强。
Abstract:Based on the surface observation data from the representative station?over eastern Hexi Corridor, the monthly average upper air sounding data from ground to 300hPa of NCEP 2.5o?×2.5o during 1971~2016, daily upper air encrypting data every 10m at 7:00 and 19:00 of Minqin from 2006 to 2016, the inter-annual variation characteristics of winter sandstorm over eastern Hexi Corridor in recent 45a was analyzed.Further the synoptic causes,physical quantity field and near surface boundary layer characteristics of the two sandstorm processes in November of 2016 were also analyzed. The results show that the number of winter sandstorms over eastern Hexi Corridor has decreased in recent 50a, the main causes of strong wind and dust weather are not only related to the intensity of large cold -warm air and circulation situation, but also closely related to cold front transit time, diurnal variation, wind speed and humidity near ground. Near surface inversion from night to morning is thick and strong, has stable stratification which weaken intensities of sandstorms, but surface inversion from afternoon to evening is thin and weak, strengthen the atmospheric instability, momentum down propagation and wind speed, further enhance intensities of sandstorms. The drier in surface layer and the bigger wind speed are, the greater sandstorm is.
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