唐红玉, 吴遥, 董新宁, 白莹莹, 张驰
(重庆市气候中心 重庆,401147)
Chongqing 2017 autumn rainfall anomaly genesis analysis
tang hongyu, Wu yao, Dong xingnin, Bai yinyin, Zhang chi
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中文摘要: 本文对重庆市2017年秋季降水异常进行诊断分析,结果表明:2017年重庆地区秋季降水出现明显旱涝转折,9月和10月上中旬降水显著偏多,10月下旬至11月降水明显偏少。通过环流诊断分析表明:副高长时间维持在重庆长江沿线及长江中下游一线,同时鄂霍茨克海阻高的建立和维持,使其西部低槽东移缓慢,导致了重庆地区9月至10月上中旬强降水频发、降水异常偏多。10月下旬西太副高异常减弱南退,特别在11月其闭合单体完全退出大陆,低纬度地区的高压坝切断了水汽的向北输送;中高纬度呈现西正东负的距平分布型,贝加尔湖以东至鄂霍茨克海以西的大范围内地区为负高度距平分布,负距平南界位于我国河套北部地区,冷空气路径偏东偏北,不利10月下旬降水继续偏多,发生由异常多向异常少的旱涝急转。海温强迫场分析表明:前期热带印度洋海温的全区一致偏暖模态和后期赤道东太平洋海温的异常是导致副热带地区大气环流异常的最主要原因,是导致副热带环流异常的重要外强迫因子。
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Abstract:In this paper, the diagnostic analysis of precipitation anomalies in the autumn of 2017 in chongqing, the results show that in 2017, chongqing autumn rainfall in the drought and flood appear in the turning point, September and October occurrence peak rainfall significantly, the more the precipitation distinctness in late October and November.Through circulation diagnostic analysis show that the subtropical high for a long time to maintain a line along the Yangtze river and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze river in chongqing, and hubei hotz, resistance of high building and maintaining, make its low trough eastward slowly in the west and resulted in the chongqing area from September to October frequent occurrence peak intensity precipitation, precipitation anomaly bullish.In late October western Pacific subtropical high abnormal NaTui, special closed its monomer complete withdrawal from China in November, low latitudes of dam cut off vapor is transported to the north of high pressure;In northern west east negative anomaly distribution type, west of Lake Baikal sea to the east of hubei hotz gram negative height anomaly areas in large range of distribution, negative anomaly is located in the south boundary of China''s northern hetao area, the cold air paths north by east, adverse late October continues, the more the rainfall occurs by the multidirectional anomaly little quirk of drought and flood.SST force field analysis showed that the early stage of the tropical Indian Ocean SST in the consistent warm late modal and the eastern equatorial Pacific SST anomaly is the main reason of the atmospheric circulation anomalies in subtropical region, is the important external force factors leading to the subtropical circulation anomalies.
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