王天驹, 钟中, 王举, 孙源
(国防科技大学 气象海洋学院)
Relationship between PVT Distributions and Megi (2010) Movement and the Impact Factors
Wang Tianju, Zhong Zhong, Wang Ju, Sun Yuan
(College of Meteorology and Oceanography,National University of Defense Technology)
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中文摘要: 结合数值试验结果对台风Megi(2010)不同半径内的PVT(potential vorticity tendency)质心位置变化与台风移动的关系进行了探讨,并对PVT方程中不同因子影响PVT质心位置的作用范围进行了研究。结果表明,较小台风半径内的正PVT质心位置变化与台风移动具有较好对应关系,可指示Megi转向,较大台风半径内的PVT分布变化虽不直接指示Megi转向,但可反映对应区域内大气动力、热力状况发生了有利于Megi转向的调整。PVT质心移动受位涡水平平流项的影响较大,受垂直平流项和非绝热加热项的影响相对较小,PVT方程中与台风内部对流活动有关的垂直平流项和非绝热加热项可对Megi中心附近PVT分布产生影响,而与台风水平环流有关的水平平流项除可对较小台风半径内PVT分布造成影响外,还可将台风位涡向外输送,是导致不同半径内PVT质心位置差异的主要原因。
Abstract:Relationship between changes of PVT (Potential Vorticity Tendency) centroid positions in different radius and the movement of typhoon Megi is analyzed with numerical experiment, and the impact radius of PVT equation factors on PVT centroids positions is also discussed. Result shows that within smaller radius, changes of the positive PVT centroid position are in accordance with Megi movement and are able to indicate the turning of Megi. While within larger radius, though the positive PVT centroid does not indicate the movement and turning of Megi directly, it reflects that the adjustment of atmospheric dynamical and thermal conditions in the corresponding area are favorable for Megi steering. PVT centroid movement is mainly affected by the horizontal advection, and is less affected by vertical advection and diabatic heating, and the influences of vertical advection and diabatic heating related to thermal convection of Megi on PVT distribution are mainly concentrate near typhoon center, however horizontal advection related to typhoon horizontal circulation can not only affect the PVT distribution within small radius, but also transport typhoon potential vorticity to farther area along northeast direction, which is the main reason for the difference of positive PVT centroid positions within different radii.
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