Comparing the Strong Wind Data of Boundary Layer Wind Profiling Radar and L-Band Radar in Jinan
(Shandong Climate Center)
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中文摘要: 基于济南边界层风廓线雷达和L探空的大风资料,采用相关、拟合、廓线分析等方法,系统地对比二者的各类统计特征、相关性、长期时空变化规律的异同,结果表明:1)二者u分量、v分量、风向、风速的相关系数分别为0.973、0.965、0.994、0.665,标准偏差分别为2.04m.s-1、2.88m.s-1、10.82o、2.53m.s-1,大风数据相关性总体较高,且风向优于风速的、雨样本优于非雨的;2)二者大风风向、风速基本一致,但风廓线雷达的风向值总体小于L探空的,风速值则总体大于L探空的,且在100~340m高度层差异显著;3)二者资料互补性总体较好,大风风向、风速、v分量差值随高度变化符合对数律递增或递减规律,但u分量需分段拟合;在进行回归方程求算和资料互补时,应考虑差异随高度等的变化。
Abstract:Based on the strong wind data observed by the Jinan boundary layer wind profile radar (WPR) and L-band sounding radar (L), statistical correlation, average difference, standard deviation, fitting, and profile analysis are used to systematically compare the similarities and differences between long-term spatial and temporal changes of wind direction, wind speed, and u and v components. The results show that the correlations of the two observed strong wind data are relatively high, with wind direction samples better than speed samples and rain samples better than that of non-rain samples. The correlation coefficients of the u component, v component, wind direction, and wind speed are 0.973, 0.965, 0.994, and 0.065 respectively. The standard deviations are 2.04 m?s<sub>-1</sub>, 2.88 m?s<sub>- 1</sub>, 10.82o and 2.53m?s<sub>-1</sub> respectively. The strong wind direction and speed of the two observations are basically the same. However, compared with the L sounding data, the wind direction value of WPR is generally small, and the wind speed value is generally larger, which is more pronounced at 100-340m height. The overall complementarity of the two data is good, and the differences in the wind direction, wind speed, and v-component of the two types are in accordance with the e-index law or the law of logarithm increase or decrease, but the u-component needs to be fitted by segments. When the regression equation is calculate, variations in height should be taken into account.
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