王传辉1,2, 姚叶青1, 时刚2
Comparison of Temperature Data between ERA-Interim Reanalysis and Observation over Jianghuai Area
WANG Chuanhui1,2, YAO Yeqing1, SHI Gang2
(1.Anhui Public Meteorological Service Center;2.Qiqihar Meteorological Bureau)
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中文摘要: 通过对比江淮地区1992-2016年08时、20时ERA-Interim再分析资料与观测资料的温度要素,发现它们在垂直方向上的偏差存在从低层到高层先减小后增大的特点,对流层低层各站偏差的空间差异明显,到中高层各站偏差趋于一致。偏差存在明显年际变化上,500hPa及以上等压面在2000年前后再分析资料比观测资料存在由偏低向偏高的转折;除地面外,其他高度上两种资料的平均绝对偏差均呈显著减小趋势。在偏差的月际分布上,地面和500hPa以上高度再分析资料普遍比观测资料偏高,各高度上平均绝对偏差在8-9月前后最小。进一步对各天气现象下两种资料对比发现,雪、雨夹雪、冰粒子和冻雨天气发生时,地面-1000hPa以及850hPa上再分析资料比观测资料偏高;大雾天气发生时,再分析资料在1000hPa比观测资料偏高幅度明显高于地面。可见,在江淮地区使用ERA-Interim再分析温度资料判别降水相态时,大气边界层和850hPa温度需慎重使用,近地层虚假逆温对大雾判别会产生很大影响。
Abstract:By comparing temperature data of ERA-Interim reanalysis and observation at 08:00 BST and 20:00 BST over Jianghuai area from 1992 to 2016, the deviation between them decreased first and then increased vertically from low level to top level. The spatial differences were obvious at lower troposphere and tended to be reduced at middle and higher level. The reanalysis data at 500hPa and above existed transition from lower (before the year 2000) to higher (after the year 2000). Except for surface, the average absolute deviations of these two dataset showed significant decreasing tendency at other pressure levels. On the monthly distribution of deviations, reanalysis data at surface and above 500hPa were generally higher than sounding data, and the absolute deviations at all pressure levels expressed the smallest around August and September. Further research showed that: under the weather phenomena of snow, sleet and freezing rain and ice particles, reanalysis data at surface to 1000hPa and 850hPa were generally higher than sounding data, while the higher amplitudes of reanalysis data minus sounding data at 1000hPa were significantly larger than surface under the fog phenomenon, and under all above-mentioned phenomena reanalysis data were higher above 500hPa. It is obvious that 850hPa temperature should be used carefully when using ERA-Interim to distinguish precipitation phase. The false temperature inversion in the ground layer will have a great influence on the discrimination of fog.
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